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Female personal trainer in newbury

Hi, I’m Lauren

Certified Personal Trainer and Workout Warrior Instructor!

Not losing weight? Fed up of how you feel and look? Not sure where to start and feel a bit hopeless? Not sure if you trust someone to invest money in helping you? We have all been there and it gets easier with the right help. Getting started is the hardest step, I promise after that it gets easier.

I pride myself on making fitness fun, more accessible and judgement-free for all my clients. Join me and my amazing clients and be a workout warrior fighting back all the challenges you've faced getting where you want to be.

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Introducing LCH Fit

The Ultimate Excuse-Proof Method to Change Your Physical & Mental Fitness

There are a million reasons not to get fit, lose weight or eat better. Time, money, children, injuries and illnesses. The list goes on.

There is always a solution to whatever challenges you face and if you're prepared to work for it, I will too.

I offer a range of personal training plans and online fitness services to suit time and budget restraints and if you don't see a plan right for you, contact me and we can work it out together. 

It's not always going to be easy, some days you'll hate it and want to give up, but this is a team effort, you're doing it for yourself, your goals and a fitter, healthier life that you'll be glad you showed up for. I'll provide the knowledge and motivation to help get you there.

Workout Warrior Club

Online gym £7.99/month


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The first step is always the hardest but you'll be glad you did it.

I promise I don't bite, shout or yell burpees until at least the second session.

Double check your info in the submission form or contact me via social media:

Facebook: lchfituk

Instagram: @lch_fit

Please kindly note: no sales messages please.

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