Domestic Abuse Stops Here:

DASH Charity Fundraiser - November 28th 2020

Every year I choose a charity and raise money for a good cause. I like to work with local charities as I value our local community as well as the people within it and this year I have chosen Dash (Domestic Abuse Stops Here).

They are a local charity, based in Windsor/Maidenhead and help women, men and children who have been or are currently victims of Domestic Abuse.

You can visit their website here:

I left a physically and mentally abusive relationship myself earlier this year and for six months after leaving was harassed, sent malicious communications, threatened, stalked and bullied. I luckily had an amazing support system behind me and was able to move back home with the backing of my family, friends and amazing clients. Between them I was able to leave my abuser and stay alive/recover from the trauma. 

It has not been easy. I have struggled pretty much every day since.

Thames Valley Police were absolutely amazing and I could not have asked for more support. Unfortunately The CPS decided to drop my case and I was forced to change my number, email and all work contact info. 

Since then it has been a long struggle to regain my life, mental health and trust in others. 

I was drawn to Dash because of their mission statement and dedication to helping all victims of abuse:

"As a charity, we work within a framework that acknowledges the gendered nature of domestic abuse and addresses root cause issues of violence against women, which are embedded in the historical and cultural unequal status of women in society.

Weaved within all our practical work is a commitment to help each victim explore and understand their experiences and the effects upon them and their children, build upon identified skills and strengths with a view to build their resilience, confidence and self esteem.

We support all those within our community affected by Domestic Abuse by delivering a range of specialist services that will break the cycle of abuse enabling individuals and families to thrive."

I am incredibly invested in this cause and will be running a 12 hour live fitness marathon on November 28th 2020 from 8am to 8pm LIVE on Facebook and Instagram. Find out more on my social media pages at:

Or take a look at our JustGiving page at:

There will be an unreal mix of fitness classes, guests and prizes every hour - finishing in an amazing giveaway/raffle at the end of the day! Make sure you get involved!

All donations are welcome and very much appreciated.

All local businesses will be tagged, promoted and given a shout-out before, during and after the Live event!

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