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When we first went into lockdown, I moved my fitness classes (Boxercise & Bootcamp) to a private Facebook group online. I was dreading it.

Over the course of 3 months, I found I loved it, it pushed me and kept me motivated at home - working out harder than I ever had at the gym.  My drive: the people I work for.

When we were able to go back to face to face classes, I did so socially distant and safe but kept the group going. It has been an amazing learning curve and the online fitness group has grown into something amazing.

This time, there are between 5 and 10 live classes a week which you can watch back any time. Check-ins, progress monitoring, a 47 page nutrition guide and weekly live check ins that cover mindset, mental health and motivation. Each week now also finishes with a 5-20minute flow session for flexibility and mobility too.

All for only £14.99 per month. The people in the group are so kind, supportive and encouraging. Together we have stayed sane and thrived throughout this difficult year.

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Sometimes we don't know where to start and the idea of a group isn't appealing. That's totally valid and understandable. I work with clients on a 1-2-1 basis to make mental as well as physical transformations. My goal is to get you results but to also love your self and body every step of the journey too.


All personal training and nutrition services are now available online. I provide 1-2-1, group or couple PT sessions on a range of video chat services: Facetime, Zoom, Teams and Google Meet (any other platform can be arranged in advance)

All block PT bookings include: live Google Doc  with weekly tracker and plan updated throughout the week, a 47 page nutrition welcome guide, home or gym workout programming as well as nutrition calorie target, macro breakdowns and example food plan.

Packages are available in blocks of one 60 minute session weekly or two 45 minute sessions. For up-to-date personal training prices please contact me for the PT price plan brochure. 



Lauren has been a massive support these last 3 months! Doing her W.O.W challenge has been a fab experience. My asthma did play havoc with my ability to take part for some of it but Lauren was there by my side (virtually) messaging me to make sure I was OK etc. I have also developed a better diet thanks to her help and advice and the workouts she does are fun and adaptable. I cannot wait for the new challenge and the next 8weeks.

If you want to get fit and give yourself a healthier lifestyle then Lauren is your girl



Lauren is an amazing trainer! I signed up to her 12 week WOW challenge and couldn't be happier. For me, it wasn't about loosing weight but more about feeling good and doing exercise. I've definitely toned up and have become stronger. Laurens energy is fantastic. Her classes were varied which I find so much more motivating as its not predictable. Lauren is very honest as a trainer unlike some that I've met. I found the classes great for my schedule as I could access them when I wanted. She gives great advice and i even went to some of her bootcamps. Have signed up for another 8 week challenge! I would highly recommend Lauren to anyone who's a bit worried about going to the gym, not having much motivation. Whether you do the whole class or half, it's what you've done/ can do that makes the difference. I don't like working out at gyms as I feel like I'm being watched so this was perfect! I've even moved up a weight set



I have just completed Lauren's 12 week online challenge and had no hesitation signing up for the next 8 week block. She provides everything you need from the outset to help make lots of healthy changes to your lifestyle, including detailed nutritional info and equipment recommendations, plus alternatives you can use that you may already have around the house. There are about 5-8 exercise classes each week that you can do live or at a later time, so this is amazing value, and you can't help but be motivated by the energy, positivity and humour Lauren brings to these, especially during these difficult times. The private Facebook group means you have lots of support and humour from others too. I would definitely recommend LCH Fit, so if you are contemplating signing up to one of her groups, just do it!