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Personal Training in Newbury & Thatcham

For personal training sessions I have a private fitness studio space in Thatcham. I also provide mobile personal training and small group PT sessions in Newbury & the surrounding areas in West Berkshire. 

Sessions are completely tailored to each individual client but all nutrition and home/gym workout plans are included in your personal training package. My aim is not to work with PT clients 1-2-1 forever, I want to get you results and move you on to a Warrior Workout membership, fitness classes or a personal plan with check-ins.

We spend far too much time feeling down about how we look, putting up with chronic pain or Google-ing where to start with fitness and losing weight. It's such a broad and confusing area with a lot of companies looking to get rich selling over-hyped plans and taking advantage of people by selling pseudo-science as fact.

My approach to fitness is very simple: simple workouts, simple energy-balanced eating. No fad diets. No short cuts. No quick fixes.

I believe whatever the approach to fitness and losing weight is, that it should be enjoyable, affordable and get you the physical and mental outcomes that will set you up to live a healthy life with a great balance between eating well, exercising and enjoying yourself!

I am a real person, working with real clients to get real results. The harder you work, the more of a benefit you will see. It's not always easy, you won't always enjoy it or like me but if you show up, I'll keep you on track and get you the results you need. 

I'm here for the days you want to give up to remind you why we started, give you the boost we need to get there and never give up.

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The first step is always the hardest but you'll be glad you did it.

I promise I don't bite, shout or yell burpees until at least the second session.

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