Workout Warrior Club

Online fitness - your virtual gym with between 5-7 live workouts each week!

Launching on August 3rd, I am running my online Workout Warrior three month online transformation challenge.

I am so excited to get this kicked off with such an unreal group of guys and girls. The "online gym" will be in a private Facebook group with between 5 and 7 Live workout classes featuring me!

They will be a mix of different, fun, varied workouts I write myself. Including: weight-training, body-weight, HIIT/Bootcamp style classes BUT with LOW/HIGH impact options so nobody will be left out or not be able to do the class, Boxing and martial-arts/street fighting-style classes, upper/lower workouts, stretch/yoga sessions as well as abs and booty classes.

The group with also have a welcome guide that will include recipes and a calorie guide as well as tips and info on nutrition, meal prepping etc.

This is me working out in real life! (sorry!) They are real workouts, its my real sweaty, sniffy, puffy face doing it with you! I will most likely have no make up on for morning sessions! This - as all my lock-down live clients will tell you - is not a perfect/glam Instagram influencer workout! But you'll see its real, you'll see how I get results and you'll see I really do love exercise and helping my clients.


It's not always going to be easy, some days you'll hate it and want to miss it, I will to, that's human and it's life. But this is a team effort, you're doing it for yourself and me. 

I'll show up for every workout and smash it for you back! 

When it burns and I feel sick or tired, I'll keep going, push through and we will feel good at the end. We do it for not just the transformation pics, but the mental health change, confidence, energy and everything else too! In this three months we all will probably have issues, work family problem, lockdown part 2 might hit us... but we will hustle through as a team! Lockdown was hard for a number of reasons if I’m honest but put my heart into online classes and my clients I lost over 1 stone! It is possible I promise!

Drop me a message if you'd like to join the group of Warriors already ready to kill it for three months!

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The first step is always the hardest but you'll be glad you did it.

I promise I don't bite, shout or yell burpees until at least the second session.

Double check your info in the submission form or contact me via social media:

Facebook: lchfituk

Instagram: @lch_fit

Please kindly note: no sales messages please.

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